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VO demo

Here’s a quick VO demo.  More to come.

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actor reel

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Volvo spot

Hey look I’m in a Volvo spot!  Can’t seem to embed the thing, but, there ya go.

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Krumpus was here!

That’s right, you missed it.  A Krumpus Story, which I co-wrote with the marvelous Leigh Miller and pan-talented Sam Provenzano, debuted at the Buntport Theatre last month.  We had an amazing cast–Michael Morgan, Iona Leighton, Austin Terrell, Jim Hitzke and Rachel White.  Congratulations to everyone; you should be proud.

We got a write-up in the Elbert County News (if you can believe it!) and the DCPA put out an interview with our indomitable Santa, Austin Terrell.  Plus Tracy Shaffer plugged it with Leigh on YouTube!

We had a couple good houses but apparently there were other things around town, but the audiences we had certainly enjoyed the play.  Thanks again to everyone who made this happen–especially Leigh who pretty much produced and directed the entire thing himself.

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Krumpus is coming–but he needs your help!

The play that I’ve co-written with Leigh Miller and Sam Provenzano is coming to Buntport!  Watch the video, check out our Kickstarter page, and help us get to our target if you can.  Thank you!

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WGOTB reviews

A few reviews for White Guy on the Bus:

“impeccably staged and acted” – Westword

“a refreshing dose of political incorrectness” – Denver Post

“something new, unique and surprising” – GetBoulder

“a masterful bit of storytelling – Telluride Inside and Out

“a timely new play” – Littleton Independent

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Shane Co. spot

Recorded a couple VO spots for Shane Co. Here’s one, pretty spare:

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Curious Theatre: White Guy on the Bus

Hey all, yes I do sometimes still post on this blog.  Hasn’t been a whole lot happening, other than finishing up a draft of our holiday play A Krumpus Story.  We may not get a production in this year but hopefully next.

In other news, however, I can announce that I’ve been cast in a role in Curious Theatre Company’s season, White Guy on the Bus by Bruce Graham. THIS IS A REALLY GREAT PLAY.  I hope you can see it if you are in town!  It’s a twisting tale that looks at race in current America, a “provocative, unflinchingly candid examination of race in America today.”  I will be very proud to be a part of this show.

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Cycling spot

Here’s the video for that Kickstarter campaign for ElevenPine, a great Boulder company with a smart take on cycling gear.  Pretty funny script, and of course made all the funnier by Mr. James O’hagan Murphy… check out Camera Speeds, too, the production co that created the piece.


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Reason at the Laundry

I’m stepping in for an actor in a big role in Reason, a play depicting the journey of 4 military members as they encounter a PTSD/stress-reduction program.  I play the guy who runs the innovative program–along with some other great actors, Josh Robinson and Tammy Meneghini, among others.  It’s written and directed by a playwright I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing before, Ami Dayan, but it’s been a great crash-course in the last few days!  I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a lot of lines under my belt at this point and am really enjoying the role, so if you are in Denver and it sounds interesting, please come!  Check out the website for the details, or send me a message if you like.  8f705a333aaa397a4d450ee8dc34265d

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Veterans Speak readings

I will be performing some really powerful found-text pieces along with several other fantastic area actors in two weeks.  The overall event is called Veterans Speak, held at the Dairy Center–our specific performance is on Wed Nov 19th at 7:30, called “This is How It Was: Reports from the Homefront“.  It’ll include most of the major combat undertakings of this century.  Come check it out if you are interested!

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Cycling Ridiculousness

Shot a really fun and ridiculous spot yesterday for a Kickstarter campaign for Eleven Pine, a cycling gear company in Boulder, with the inimitable James O’Hagan-Murphy at Camera Speeds Inc.  Stay tuned for the finished product.

photo1 (6)

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Pure Protein VO

A recent voiceover gig… not sure if this is still on spec, but here it is anyway.

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Website trauma

I’m trying to update this site again after a major crash in which everything was lost. We are using old web archives to try to recreate as much as possible–but anything since last July is pretty much gone. So I’ll just try to recall here: Collective had its inaugural workshop performance of Superposition at Work/Space in August, which was received well.  Collective is currently in a reformed mode and working on a new piece, perhaps returning to Superposition at a later date.  Other than that, a slew of readings for BETC, Curious and elsewhere, and a few print/talking head commercial gigs, my life has been consumed with all things baby.  One-year birthday coming up!  And normalcy continues to slowly return…

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After the Darklights

I just wrapped shooting a small role in this great local web horror series, After the Darklights. It’s got a lot of good people working on it. And, NO, I don’t play a zombie.

I play someone who goes feral.

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Dear Eleanor

Well, that was exciting.

IMG_1902Based on the script I knew I was going to have lines with at least the two young stars, Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato. But when we finally got around to the first rehearsal of my short little scenes (playing a Kentucky cop in 1962), I found out that I had lines with most of the film’s big actors, whom I have a lot of admiration for: Josh Lucas, Luke Wilson, and Jessica Alba–and Joel Courtney who I knew little of until now. We started shooting at midnight and got around to my camera angles around 2am. And some of you know that we have a 2-month old new baby, so you can imagine how fried I was by then. But a couple takes each and it seemed like they had what they needed–and a couple days later I received a very nice compliment from the director too, so I feel like it will look okay.

That’s me studying my lines (some new, which I found out during the first rehearsal!!!) in my trailer. Pay no attention to the name on the star. Really, that was supposed to be my room…IMG_1909IMG_1908

The film is set to release in 2014, so look for it and support a small-budget Colorado production with a great script! And see if I’m still in the picture.

(Thanks to Kathleen and Sara at DBA, and Sean Jourdan, for giving me the shot at it, too!)

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Curious Theatre’s Maple & Vine – You May or May Not See Me

Maple & Vine is a really great play about modernity vs. being old-fashioned (and possibly racist and totally repressed). I will be understudying the superb Josh Robinson in the production! I highly recommend the show, even though you probably won’t see me in it. But I will of course let you know if for some reason I have to step in! Subscribe to the blog and you can get updates if you haven’t already.

From the website:

Regional Premiere

By Jordan Harrison
Directed by Producing Artistic Director Chip Walton

January 12 – February 23, 2013
Previews January 10 – 11, 2013

Katha and Ryu, a modern-day couple stuck in a modern-day rut, discover a way out of the troubles they’ve been having—moving to a planned community perpetually located in 1955. Will going back to this not-so-simpler time be the answer to all their problems? Harrison’s audacious premise takes the audience into a parallel universe that is hilarious in its attention to detail, and surprisingly seductive in its artifice. Have we made progress as a society? Is it possible to forego the values of the present for the mores of the past? Would we even want to? Garning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, MAPLE AND VINE was recently produced at Playwrights Horizons in New York City.

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“Collective” writing project

We’ve begun rehearsals/development for a new collaborative writing group, Collective, here in Denver. We’re going to devise a work through research, improv and movement. The main topic we are looking at is the amazing indeterminacy of our world as shown through the principles of Quantum Physics. Show to come in August. Stay tuned.

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TDSOAVBL, now online!

That’s right, a feature I did a little while ago is now available in full on Youtube. How about that. Hey why don’t I just embed it right here?


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I know what you want to hear about: insurance

Didn’t realize these videos were up–check out my talkingheadedness on LexTV, Lexington Insurance’s periodical for all the insurance brokers out there.

Who knew insurance could be so exciting.

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Denver Post Ovation nomination

Check it out: Clybourne Park got seven (the most for any show), and I even get a supporting actor nomination! How grand is that. Very kind, Denver Post. Congrats to all the nominees!

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Clybourne Park reviews

So I’m dating this as though the show just closed, although this post is coming a bit late.  Been unnecessarily busy of late and terribly remiss in keeping up this blog.  Assuming you’re subscribed that is.

Anyway the Curious production of Clybourne was a fantastic experience, AND a great play to boot.  If you see it on a marquee in your home town don’t miss it.  (It will be moved to Broadway in the spring.  With original cast and director from the Playwrights Horizons premiere, nicely.)

Some reviews of the show:

Denver Post (and a great little article about Denver’s racial history the week prior)

North Denver Tribune

Littleton Independent


a great random thrilled Technorati blurb

Daily Camera

a thoughtful review on ‘Broadway World

Aurora Sentinel (includes a photo I’m in, didn’t know there was one out there, thank you Aurora Sentinel)

Anyway that’s the collection, in case you’re doing some serious research.  In any case, congratulations again to the designers, producers, crew and cast of the show.

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Clybourne Park at Curious Theatre this fall

Hey friends I got cast in this Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Clybourne Park at the Curious Theatre Co. It’s such a great show; I couldn’t be happier about making my official Denver debut in it. You can read more about it here and here–I’m playing a pastor in 1959 who really really just wants everyone to get along (1st act), and a homeowners’ association rep in 2009 who also wants everyone to get along (2nd act).

The play itself is fantastic. If you can make it this fall, it’s worth checking out. I’m not just saying that because I’m in it, either. If you don’t live in Colorado you should see the play wherever it’s produced.

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National New Play Network – Blue Monday this Saturday

The National New Play Network is a not-for-profit alliance of theatres that helps develop and produce new plays–incubating and nurturing scripts and getting them exposure in parts of the country that may never have otherwise seen them. This weekend six new works are getting staged readings here, at Curious Theatre Co. and the Denver Center. I’m performing in one, called Blue Monday–it goes up Saturday at 4pm at Curious (303.623.0524 for info/tickets).

Check out the page about the plays, and come see one (especially Blue Monday) if you’re in Denver!

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Curious Theatre

Hello friends–haven’t posted here in a while but thought I should just mention a couple near misses I’ve had auditioning, also just as a recommendation on this really great theatre company here in Denver.  The Curious Theatre Company has been producing current, provocative plays for almost 15 years, and I’d advise checking out just about every show in their lineup this year.  I had a number of callbacks for most of the season, most recently for A Number, which I *highly* recommend when it goes up in the spring.

Anyway check out their website and if you’re in the area–attend.  If you’re going to support theatre in Denver, make Curious the first on your list.

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Zombies, Handsome

The full 7 episodes are up, at There’s also a pretty funny outtakes reel on there too, so check it out. Especially if you’re missing some Darius Stone cat-hexing in your life.

If you don’t live in New York, the general metaphor may be lost on you. Here’s a review/article that might get you up to speed.

And Vanessa took some great photos during one of the shoots… and how about an older photo blog… another review

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past projects

OK you can check out the old blog but I thought I should make a shortlist of less recent events here since you may have trashed your myspace account by now…

Parallax – CoLab (Subjective Theatre Co.’s collaborative writing project) produces its second official show, exploring memory and narrative sells out lots of shows at the Gene Frankel theater in NYC…



Slipaway, a great, moody short about an unmoored corporate drone who finds solace in a fantasy bar life, premieres at the Kent Film Festival…



TELL picTELL, CoLab’s official inaugural production, premieres at Collective Unconscious (R.I.P.) in NYC, taking a hard look at confession and self-identity through the lens of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq, TV talk-show and Christian culture, and social media in the digital age. [review]


The Money Shot picThe Money Shot, a great little short about a bank heist with a twist, gets into the Tribeca Film Festival. I play the ringleader, with an impeccable Northern Irish dialect…

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actor reel (older stuff)

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