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Curious Theatre’s Maple & Vine – You May or May Not See Me

Maple & Vine is a really great play about modernity vs. being old-fashioned (and possibly racist and totally repressed). I will be understudying the superb Josh Robinson in the production! I highly recommend the show, even though you probably won’t see me in it. But I will of course let you know if for some reason I have to step in! Subscribe to the blog and you can get updates if you haven’t already.

From the website:

Regional Premiere

By Jordan Harrison
Directed by Producing Artistic Director Chip Walton

January 12 – February 23, 2013
Previews January 10 – 11, 2013

Katha and Ryu, a modern-day couple stuck in a modern-day rut, discover a way out of the troubles they’ve been having—moving to a planned community perpetually located in 1955. Will going back to this not-so-simpler time be the answer to all their problems? Harrison’s audacious premise takes the audience into a parallel universe that is hilarious in its attention to detail, and surprisingly seductive in its artifice. Have we made progress as a society? Is it possible to forego the values of the present for the mores of the past? Would we even want to? Garning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, MAPLE AND VINE was recently produced at Playwrights Horizons in New York City.

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