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Dear Eleanor

Well, that was exciting.

IMG_1902Based on the script I knew I was going to have lines with at least the two young stars, Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato. But when we finally got around to the first rehearsal of my short little scenes (playing a Kentucky cop in 1962), I found out that I had lines with most of the film’s big actors, whom I have a lot of admiration for: Josh Lucas, Luke Wilson, and Jessica Alba–and Joel Courtney who I knew little of until now. We started shooting at midnight and got around to my camera angles around 2am. And some of you know that we have a 2-month old new baby, so you can imagine how fried I was by then. But a couple takes each and it seemed like they had what they needed–and a couple days later I received a very nice compliment from the director too, so I feel like it will look okay.

That’s me studying my lines (some new, which I found out during the first rehearsal!!!) in my trailer. Pay no attention to the name on the star. Really, that was supposed to be my room…IMG_1909IMG_1908

The film is set to release in 2014, so look for it and support a small-budget Colorado production with a great script! And see if I’m still in the picture.

(Thanks to Kathleen and Sara at DBA, and Sean Jourdan, for giving me the shot at it, too!)

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