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New website: Edit Guy

We are picking up editor operations over at, so please head over there to get the new interface and see the latest. However, this site will continue to house all previous posts until further notice.

And don’t hesitate to contact for any of your superhero editing needs! (720) 515-3316‬

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commercial GFX reel 2019

Here’s a quick graphics reel to show what I’ve been up to for a while. Tried to use only stuff I built. Keep in mind also that these are all spots that ran on-air, and were created in a day or less. It’s a bit of a smattering, but there ya go.

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editor reel 2015

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Mnemonic wins Tellys

Quick plug for the Comcast in-house agency (aka Mnemonic) I freelance for: we snagged a ton of Telly Awards this year. Check out the Mnemonic page! I touched a few of these, including this online spot for an energy service. I am not sure how these get adjudicated but this year was a surprisingly large number, as I gather. Oh here I found these posted, here’s the short form anyway:

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Leap Dance virtual

I created a retrospective dance video for Leap‘s upcoming (online) recitals–this one showcases the dancers in the Ballet 5 class, many of whom have been dancing with Leap for many years. It uses recital DVD footage from all 10 years of Leap’s existence (a yearly project that I’ve worked on for the last decade also). Many congratulations to the dancers for sticking with it despite the restrictions in our current COVID time period.

The dancers will perform alongside this video during a live Zoom performance, instead of in a theatre space this year. (If you have kids that are interested in dance, give their program a look. Leap has a really great mixture of technique and fun, which has led to its success. Full disclosure–its founder happens to be my wife, Elizabeth.)

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COVID spots

With the onset of the virus and the economy grinding to a halt, commercials have had to scramble to figure out branding and messaging that will stand out from all the others. This isn’t anything that special, but just was one of the first ones I touched after the lockdown in March.

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how to make an ugly commercial

A lot of the pieces of this one came from templates (which in themselves can be quite a challenge to tailor to your needs), but the opening with the psychedelic stuff was just about all me. I was going for ugly; I think I succeeded…

Oh well looks like they’ve changed the privacy settings, but feel free to take a look at the spot on Vimeo if you like.

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Giada (also) Entertains

Again, very grateful to be working on the next Giada series. The schedule is so crammed I don’t know how Jeff and Ryan have done this all these years. (And I thought the music for Holiday Handbook was hard…) Really fun and an honor to get to work on this staple show. If you need some recipe ideas, check out the recipes and some excerpt videos too (Season 5 for the latest)!

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Stock footage commercials

Just a couple spots we did at Mnemonic. Nothing fancy going on here really, mostly just solid invisible editing and creating a few GFX of interest. Sometimes stock footage can be fun… (ish)…

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Now Mnemonic

So the department I’ve been working under at Comcast has rebranded. We are now Effectv‘s in-house boutique agency, Mnemonic. The push is to have us get recognized for the quality work we’ve been doing, and to continue to grow.

This video was made somewhere else; we’ve got a better one in the works. But there ya go. ADS.

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Giada’s Holiday Handbook

Super stoked to be working on a version of this Food Network Emmy-winning cooking show that’s been around for a decade. I am cutting the party scenes and have begun doing the actual cooking segments too; much gratitude to editors Jeff and Ryan, and the folks at Linguine Pictures, for trusting me with this work. It’s going well so far; the most difficult part is figuring out how to make good music choices that align with the brand as well as the new season’s direction.

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Puget Sound Starts Here campaign

This was a series of 3 (or more?) spots with some really great animations (I didn’t do those) that I got to cut and polish. Animated the logo a little too.

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some funny stuff

Here are some examples of recent commercials with some funny. Just to show a little comedic timing…

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1-day commercials

Been creating a lot of commercials lately. At Comcast Spotlight, it’s often a 1-day edit, cutting footage and audio, then creating (often simple) graphics that communicate the client’s services. Here’s one for an HVAC company; I know some editors complain about the ‘acting’ in footage like this but IMO that awkward, real-person-in-front-of-a-camera presentation connects well as a local, approachable, no-frills company. Not sure what it says about their expertise, but at least it looks like you know who you’re dealing with.

I recently had to revise a spot for a pawn shop (or maybe it was a car dealership) that felt the graphics looked too polished to connect with their clientele. They wanted it to look “like a used-car commercial,” with loud, over-the-top visuals and sound.

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Website trauma

2014 Sochi Olympics Archives - NBC Sports PressboxNBC Sports Pressbox

I’m updating this site again after a major crash in which everything was lost. We are using old web archives to try to recreate as much as possible–but anything since last July is pretty much gone. So I’ll just try to recall here: I’ve been freelancing for Universal Sports Network as they prepared for the Sochi Olympics and beyond, and have been cutting several fun shows, one called Pure Hunting and the other Meet the McMillans, both on the Sportsman Channel.  Other than that, my life has been consumed with all things baby.  One-year birthday coming up!  And normalcy continues to slowly return…

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editor reel 2013

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For the hunters and bullriders out there…

I’ve been editing this show, Ford Trucks Takes PBR Outdoors. Check it out if you might be into it…

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Buccs and Bones

Hey friends here’s the link to the Outdoor Channel’s page for the series I’ve edited for 2 seasons now. Not sure if it’s running now; I think it’s finished. But you can check out snippets here. Like this one!

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Tom Brokaw and the Bonefish

Another snippet from an episode I cut.

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Keaton’s Tarpon

Here’s a video of Michael Keaton from a Buccs and Bones ep I edited.

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New Jimmy Lloyd episode

New episode segments can be found here (again, I did the three song edits). Here’s one, a great song called “Dead End Driving” by Ari Hest.

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New JLSS episode

There’s a new ‘Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase’ airing on NBC-New York this Friday. Here’s one of the segments (I edited all 3 songs, which you can find at the bottom of the JLSS website):

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Don’t Be a Victim!

Here’s the show I’m currently working on–editing one of the half hour segments of the 2-hour block, called “Practical Tactical.”
If you’re bored with Saturday morning cartoons and you own a gun… this is the show for you. Hm, that’s not weird, is it?
[late update] It appears that this trailer got taken down, but I’ll leave the box up in case it comes back. However, you can see all the episodes now on–here’s one of the better ones I edited, about SWAT tactics. You can find others via that page.

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Hank & Cupcakes on JLSS

Another episode has aired for which I did the music portion of the edits. Here’s one of them–Hank and Cupcakes’ performance. Me likey.

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Jimmy Lloyd stuff

Another Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase aired in NYC–you can watch all the segments at the website. Here’s a piece of it.

in case you missed the info, I’ve been editing (for the most part) the song portions of the show. There are a lot of really great artists–check ‘em out!

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more songwriters – Millie Beau

Another installment to the songwriter showcase… The show airs tonight on NBC in New York, so check it out or the website here.

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WNBC singer/songwriter showcase

I cut this short segment for a great local NYC WNBC show, the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, which has a bunch of other great musicians from previous episodes too on the main site. Check out the latest.
And if you like her music you can follow Tara Lea’s myspace page here. Stay tuned for more songs too…

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Editor Reel (older)

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Kili/Safari trailer

Did a 5-min in-house demo for this short doc about a schoolteacher travel program to Africa. For Serac Adventure Films, in Boulder.

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Hockey Dad

This was a small project for a touring theatre piece, which happens to also be directed by my brother, Steve. (If you’re not Canadian or know who Henderson is… it may escape you.)

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