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Krumpus was here!

That’s right, you missed it.  A Krumpus Story, which I co-wrote with the marvelous Leigh Miller and pan-talented Sam Provenzano, debuted at the Buntport Theatre last month.  We had an amazing cast–Michael Morgan, Iona Leighton, Austin Terrell, Jim Hitzke and Rachel White.  Congratulations to everyone; you should be proud.

We got a write-up in the Elbert County News (if you can believe it!) and the DCPA put out an interview with our indomitable Santa, Austin Terrell.  Plus Tracy Shaffer plugged it with Leigh on YouTube!

We had a couple good houses but apparently there were other things around town, but the audiences we had certainly enjoyed the play.  Thanks again to everyone who made this happen–especially Leigh who pretty much produced and directed the entire thing himself.

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