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Reason at the Laundry

I’m stepping in for an actor in a big role in Reason, a play depicting the journey of 4 military members as they encounter a PTSD/stress-reduction program.  I play the guy who runs the innovative program–along with some other great actors, Josh Robinson and Tammy Meneghini, among others.  It’s written and directed by a playwright I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing before, Ami Dayan, but it’s been a great crash-course in the last few days!  I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a lot of lines under my belt at this point and am really enjoying the role, so if you are in Denver and it sounds interesting, please come!  Check out the website for the details, or send me a message if you like.  8f705a333aaa397a4d450ee8dc34265d

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