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1-day commercials

Been creating a lot of commercials lately. At Comcast Spotlight, it’s often a 1-day edit, cutting footage and audio, then creating (often simple) graphics that communicate the client’s services. Here’s one for an HVAC company; I know some editors complain about the ‘acting’ in footage like this but IMO that awkward, real-person-in-front-of-a-camera presentation connects well as a local, approachable, no-frills company. Not sure what it says about their expertise, but at least it looks like you know who you’re dealing with.

I recently had to revise a spot for a pawn shop (or maybe it was a car dealership) that felt the graphics looked too polished to connect with their clientele. They wanted it to look “like a used-car commercial,” with loud, over-the-top visuals and sound.

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